Marcus gives a variety of awesome author talks to an extended range of age groups. There’s a lot on offer so keep scrolling down to see it all!

Marcus Alexander offers a range of talks to:

  • Key Stage 2
  • Key Stage 3
  • Key Stage 4
  • Key Stage 5 / AS / A level
  • College / University Students
  • DBS/CRB Checked

‘He motivated us to follow our dreams and conquer our fears…he was an incredible speaker with amazing stories to tell…’  City of London School for Girls

Available event subject & content

Key stages 2,3 & 4

  • Motivational Speaking
  • Inspiration for Literacy & Imagination
  • Writing Workshops
  • Reluctant Reading Workshops

Key stages 5 / AS / A level

  • Motivational Speaking
  • Business Workshops – taking creative ideas into the professional world 
  • How to Get Published 
  • Inspiration for Creative Products 

College & University

  • Motivational Speaking
  • Master Class on How to Get Published & Early Career Expectations


‘…the pupils and teachers adored his event…’ Hay Festival

‘…I’ve never had such a successful author visit…’ Librarian, Perins

‘…for many young people Marcus overturns all expectations of writer; he’s into extreme sports, travels the world and knows martial arts – he’s cool…’ Scribblers Tour

‘…I was blown away by the focus he was albe to inspire in a group of reluctant writers – to such a degreee that their eyes followed his every move and their lips & bodies were stilled!’ Kingsnorth CofE Primary

‘…so inspired…the best author I have met!’ St Hubert’s Catholic School

‘…Marcus engaged and ignited the children’s imaginations with tales of his own adventures…’ St George’s College

Author Event

 Video trailer for KS 2,3 & 4


‘…The schools loved him and (the teacher) couldn’t tell me enough how inspiring you were, especially for the boys…’ Pop Up
‘…you blew away their stereotypes! I have never seen kids fighting over a copy of a book, phones & gadgets, yes, but not a book!’ Surrey Explorers
‘…he was a performer as well as an author…’ St Albans School
‘…a fabulous day with a free-running ‘cool dude’…’ Chancellors
‘…got boys back to reading!’ Dubai British School
‘…the students loved his presentation!’ Suffolk New Academy

Content Description

(For KS5 / AS / A level / College & University descriptions please scroll further down the page!)

Key stages 2, 3 & 4 event content includes:

  • Finding inspiration for writing & creative thinking
  • Tales of Marcus’ travel to extreme locations (Mt Everest, Sandboarding in the Sahara etc)
  • Marcus’ love for extreme sports
  • The unusual foods he has eaten (dog, monkey brains, alligator, grasshopper)
  • The unique peoples & character he’s met (Bedouin, Rajasthani gypsies, Karen freedom fighters)
  • The inspiration behind the fantasy sport ‘K’Changa’ from Keeper of the Realms
  • The huge variety of lucrative career choices & industries available for writers
  • The necessity of overcoming fears & pursuing your dreams
  • The seven life changing reasons for why reluctant readers must pick up books
  • Brainstorming, creative processes & Story planning
  • Overcoming writer’s block
  • Introduction to editing
  • Understanding the true viewpoint of a storyteller

Content Description KS5 to College/University

Key stages 5 / AS / A level / College & University event content includes:

  • The tale of an outsider going from self-published to published
  • Turning creative ideas into products
  • Problem solving, making mistakes & gaining experience
  • Travel as a means to build a strong imagination
  • The terrible truth about nepotism
  • Working with editors
  • Overcoming writer’s block
  • The importance of self-belief to overcome your fears
  • The benefits of constructive criticism vs the rise of the modern troll
  • An introduction to marketing
  • USPs (Unique Selling Points)
  • Social platforms, SEO & advertising
  • How common sense & determination can be used to overcome any hurdle


‘Marcus Alexander’s engagement with the children was a joy to experience. He caught their attention with his martial arts and tales of his travels, and by the time we got to the pictures of him eating cockroaches, they were his! His message that readers make good writers, that writers and writing can be cool and the practical experience of building up a story truly inspired our children, particularly the boys.

The [students] couldn’t get enough of the Keepers of the Realms book; we had to request more from the UK and other schools in the area, so fully did they capture the children’s imagination. Children who had originally ordered the first book, later came back and ordered the second; what better advert can there be? These are books children which both boys and girls get involved in and actively enjoy.’ Librarian, The Sultan’s School, Dubai