Graffiti and Urban Art

This is a first for a fantasy novel perhaps even a first for any book; cheeky readers have taken the story and brought it to life across the capital in the form of graffiti and urban art.
Bellania and Charlie Keeper

“I have always been a big fan of graffiti and freestyle street art. In a cityscape that is often drenched with meaningless, drab architecture a little wit and a little colour can go along way to brightening my day.”

“But as much as I love the fact that Charlie Keeper and Bellania have left such an obvious impression I must please, please ask that you be responsible with where you aim your spraypaint.”

” No private propery, no historic buildings, no schools, no places of worship and nowhere that offends. Keep it responsible, keep it legal.”

Marcus Alexander
Bellania and Charlie Keeper

Links for keeping it legal:
A list of legal sites and walls for urban art/ graffiti.

Be aware of the law regarding graffiti and street art.