Chased from her home in London by Bane and his vicious Shades Charlie Keeper accidently stumbles into the vibrant and magical land of Bellania, a world secretly lying parallel to our own.
Charlie learns that once upon a time Earth and Bellania were part of a whole, but many aeons ago during the time of the great cataclysm the two were torn asunder. Now they live on opposite sides of the coin, joined together by a few, carefully hidden paths.

Earth remains the sole habitat of Humans, traffic congestion, odd socks, dull politicians and really, really boring rainy days. Bellania got the better deal. It’s where all the legends, myths and rumours went off to live. It’s a world where magic still thrives and majestic beasts of wonder can run amok and feel free to trample the unsuspecting to their hearts content.

Three races dwell in Bellania; Humans, Tremen and Stomen. And governing over the three races are the Winged Ones, Bellania’s true masters and keepers of the peace.

For thousands of years Bellania was a peaceful land but now, with the Winged Ones missing, Bane, the Stoman Lord has risen to power and marches across the land with his rabid Stoman army. If Bane can move fast enough it is possible that he might raise his bloody flag across the whole of the land before the Winged Ones can return and stop his furious hunger for conquest….

The Will & the Way


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