Bellania’s favoured sport. Talked about by all, practised by many and only mastered by the few.

A burning, blazing, fast game of wits, lightning fast reactions and acrobatic skill. If only Charlie could get good at this game she might stand a chance of beating Constantina, Lady Narcissa’s spoilt brat of a daughter.

Perhaps if she were to ask Kelko the Fat Oak or Jensen the Willow for some more lessons she might even win the infamous Silent Duel, due to be held during the awesome Three Winds Festival.

And if Charlie could really master the game of K’Changa and learn from it’s acrobatic skills she might feasibly be able to fuse K’Changa with the magical art of the Will and the Way…maybe then she would stand a chance against Bane, the Stoman Lord…

…Of course such a possibility seems unlikely. It would take a lot more than mere acrobatics and magic to beat such a powerful and insanely determined enemy.


The Will & the Way

Bane & his Servants