Imagination is King and I’ll always be game to champion it.

So in order to push creativity I want to host a competition to get your artistic talents flowing! It’s time for you to produce a one of a kind book cover for a Keeper of the Realms series. Your cover can have any image on the front and produced in anyway that you think best represents Charlie Keeper’s adventures in Bellania. But in order to win any of the truly funky prizes available it’s up to you to let loose both your passion and your creative flow in order to produce an epic book cover that let’s the world see how awesome your imagination is!

How to Enter – You'll find prize details, instructions and a printable .PDF breaking down all the requirements that you need below. (Make sure you tell your librarian as they'll want to get involved!)

The Prizes:

Overall Funkiest Cover – £200 book token to spend as you wish for your school libary.*
Most Unique Cover – One of the original ultra limited uber rare self published books ‘Who is Charlie Keeper?’**
Most Visually Striking Cover- A signed Charlie Keeper inspired graffiti canvas from the Corrupt Government Crew.
The So-Should-Have-Won Cover – Gets your artwork turned into a limited edition run of stickers.
And for 10 Runner-Ups – Gold edition Nibbler the Dragon poster.
And because Marcus likes giving out prizes – there’s also 10 ‘Shadow’ edition Bane the Giant posters too.

* Yeah, not as cool as getting £200 for yourself but you do get to tell your librarian how you want to spend it! (Sweet!) ** This is the book that won Marcus Alexander the 3 book deal with Puffin and now sought after by collectors. (This version contains the kitchen scene with Siegbert the Chef; now missing from Crow’s Revenge!)

The Small Print:

1: Your book cover must have a ‘Keeper of the Realms’ title and the author name ‘Marcus Alexander’
2-i: Other than the above requirments you have complete creative freedom (whoop-whoop!)
2-ii: Your cover can be for an existing Keeper of the Realms book or you can make a cover for your dream Keeper of the Realms book; the one you really want to read next!
3: You can use any medium to create your cover: ink/ charcoal/ photoshop/ spraypaint etc
4: To enter the competition please send a photo/ or scan/ or photocopy of your cover to no later than 22/06/2015
5: Prize winners will be announced 23/06/2015 on Marcus’ Facebook page
6: If you want a shoutout before 23/06/2015 for your artwork please send a tweet to @GetYourReadOn with the hashtag #KOTR
7: All prizes will be sent to you via your school address (C/O your librarian.)
8: There is no age limit on this comp! Creativity and passion comes in all shapes and sizes!
9: The £200 book voucher is to be spent on your library but it is up to you and not your librarian to decide which books to get. (Pimp your library however you want!)
10: If you are an adult and not a student in full time education and you win the £200 you must nominate a suitable school library for the vouchers to go to.
11: The £200 book voucher will come from your local bookstore (if available) otherwise it will be a Waterstones or Amazon voucher.
12: We can’t guarantee which graffiti canvas you will receive as they are stashed at PUFFIN HQ however it will be either a Nibbler the Dragon canvas or a Sic Boy the Dog.