Reviews for Keeper of the Realms

‘…one of my favourite fantasy novels as it is fast-paced and has included my favourite mythical creature, the mighty and daring dragons…’ the Guardian by Kids for Kids

‘…with its endlessly unfolding, elaborate fantasy world, a plot brimming with cliff-hangers and vivid characters this is an imaginative roller-coaster fantasy…’ Booktrust

‘…If ANYONE can make reading exciting for youngsters, it’s writer Marcus Alexander…’ the Star

‘…A full-on adventure which has all the elements to make this book a firm children’s favourite. Marcus Alexander has written the perfect adventure for children and adults who like a brave and feisty heroine…’ Waterstones

‘…For many young people Marcus overturns all expectations of writer; he’s into extreme sports, travels the world and knows martial arts – he’s cool…’ the Hay Festival

‘…Keeper Of The Realms is, in many ways, a classic children’s fantasy. Shades of other well-loved books and series, from the Narnia books through Roald Dahl to Harry Potter, abound…’ SFX Magazine

‘…you simply must go out and buy Keeper of the Realms…’ FantasyBookReview

‘…a hugely enjoyable fantasy story for kids…’ BookZone4Boys

‘…I have to say i was really impressed, if this is the level of writing that our kids get now then we are really in a good position, its this sort of writing that will engage kids of many ages and make them truly want to read, and who knows inspire them to write…’ Amazon Top 500 Reviewer

‘…Filled with characters made of trees and stones and shadows, many of whom can’t wait to kill Charlie in their own special way, Bellania is a full and exciting world, just right for children aged 10-plus. The character of Mr Crow in particular is a masterstroke, and the artwork lifts this story even further…’ Armadillo Magazine

‘…This book literally hooks you in and I mean literally. Once you have started you just can’t stop…’ Goodreads

‘…This is a fast paced fantasy novel which will appeal to girls and boys alike…’ Families Online

Big Ups, Shout Outs & Reviews for the original self-published ‘Who is Charlie Keeper?’

…If you fancy a fresh fantasy read this is the book for you. It’s exciting, fast-paced and above all great fun…5 stars…Waterstones

‘…Charlie is a fantastic heroine. Bellania is a wonderfully dense and mysterious place, and Alexander can give himself a pat on the back for a job magnificently well done. Better than Rowling…’ The Truth About Books

‘…One of the best books I have read this year…’ Science Fiction & Fantasy Books 

“…Even though the book is self published you can definitely compare the author to the likes of J K Rowling, Tolkien and Prachett – it really does have that much potential…’ Doodled Books

…OMG, this is a serious A-list book. Read it now or wait for it to get turned into a movie! I’ve only just turned the last page and I’m looking forward to the sequel!…’ Amazon Reviews

‘…Five out of five…’ Mr Ripley’s Enchanted Books

Reviews for Marcus Alexander’s Author Events

‘…Thank you so much for coming to Hay. The pupil and teachers adored your event – the feedback has been awesome…’ Hay Festival

‘…We always have fantastic feedback from teachers and students alike who come away from his events inspired, excited and itching to get stuck into the books. For many young people Marcus overturns all expectations of writer; he’s into extreme sports, travels the world and knows martial arts – he’s cool!’ Hay: the Scribblers Tour

‘…Our students love the book, and are desperate for Marcus to return…’ The Globe Academy

‘…that the books have been flying off the shelves in the library ever since. Charlie Keeper rocks!’ Worthing High School

‘…He was so enthusiastic – he was a performer as well as an author…when you see kids reading the book afterwards you know it has been a success…’ St Albans School

‘…I’ve seen a lot of authors and Marcus was the best one ever!’ East Barnet School

‘…It’s one of the boys who u met at John Hampden school. I was just saying how cool it was and I have already read 100 pages of the book and it is aaaammmaaazziiinngg!!!’ Sam P

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