‘…one of my favourite fantasy novels as it is fast-paced and has included my favourite mythical creature, the mighty and daring dragons…’
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Keeper of the Realms Blood & Fire

Keeper of the Realms

The fantasy series, fast, action packed and bursting with action. For boys & girls  More info

Author Marcus Alexander School Visits Too

What? School Visits?

School visits & author events from a snowboarding, sandboarding & kickboxing author.  More info

Author Marcus Alexander

Funky, Fresh Author

Travel, adventure, thirst for life and more from this author. More info

Book in Space?

Yes! Check out the project #CreativityTakesFlight that saw students send ‘Blood & Fire’ into space and increased reading by an amazing 24%
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Want to Inspire Your Students

Most students can’t relate to authors. Marcus shatters that stereotype.   More info

Keeper of the Realms

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‘…A full-on adventure which has all the elements to make this book a firm children’s favourite. Marcus Alexander has written the perfect adventure for children and adults who like a brave and feisty heroine…’
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‘This book does not talk down to kids, it doesn’t skimp on action adventure or even some of the harsher sides of life, it just tells them in an easy engaging fashion. The Story shoots along at a fairly hectic pace, the characters jump off the page, many of the standardised fantasy creatures exist but the author always manages to add a twist to the stereotypical archetypes.’
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