I’ve got a copy of the original ‘Who is Charlie Keeper?’ that collectors are retailing for £700-£1000 and it’s up for, er…well it’s up for grabs. I know I should be hosting some awesome competition for this but I’m mad busy (and I’m on book tour in Muscat/Dubai so not too much free time) so I’ll have to be a punk and hand this out to some funkaliciously awesome reader! Please hit like on this post and I’ll stuff the names into a eGenerator to pick the winner. I’m back from Dubai mid-October um, so I’ll shout out the winner on the end of October and get it out in the post for you
Prizes rock.

(PS apologies for being lame with not making this more competition like but I’m dying beneath deadlines. Original graffiti canvases going out in November so I’ll wrack my brains and try to do better with brain-wracking comps then x)

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